After watching a short documentary about traditional noodle masters from Japan, I was inspired and developed this frog-chef-master character. I focused a lot on capturing good gesture and flow, and also indicating a consistent light falling in the moist materials of a frog surface. 
Noodle Toadmaster

My workflow consists of starting with a nice sketch that feels spontaneous, gesture focused and very loose; build the base colors then thinking in a very neutral light setup and focusing on shapes; create an adjustment layer with the own image to carve out the lights; add surface materials such as reflective and translucent properties; add bounce light; final details and ambient occlusion. Below you can see the ortho views: front, back, side and some details.
Bounty hunter bunny
Inspired by some vintage sci-fi illustrations that feature some sassy astronauts, I was doodling around on my sketchbook and this bunny bounty hunter character came to life! It was the perfect opportunity to practice a new workflow that i really like using for fast lighting approach
The workflow I used for this character consists in starting with a sketch - sometimes with pose reference, others from imagination - and working the base colors. I then carve out the key light using the base color layer, work on the ambient occlusion, additional lights (bounced and rim light) and details

Celtic Characters
I'm developing a series of characters inspired by Celtic and Viking culture. I used a simplified design and exaggerated shapes so it could look nice in a stylized game. I started with silhouette exploration and chose the best ones to create a character lineup that expresses shape variation and interest. I then chose my favorite to expand on. 
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