Spacefarm mood illustrations - It was almost summer when I realized that many seagulls were around my house and I felt a delightful feeling of being in an archipelago with nice weather! I tried to capture some of that in a couple of mood illustrations. To make it more fun, I imagined a space station disguised as a regular farm. With seagulls of course!
Inspired by platformers game that I love such as Rayman Legends and Ori and the Blind Forest, I developed a 2D platformer concept in a underwater level, which I called the Jellyfish Domain. I aimed to capture a good dynamic composition and place some pickups in the scene to show how they could stand out in a real game.
Some asset breakdown examples showing how this level could be translated into 2D game-ready sprites in a modular mindset.
I also developed a forest level concept focused on lighting and color. In this concept I tried to capture the best of subsurface scattering effects in the translucent plants and mushrooms, bringing the warm feeling of the sun. I also placed the light and cast shadows in a way they could enhance the composition.
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