One Shape is a 2D abstract puzzle game where your goal is to be the last shape standing. You can match and combine with other units by shape or by color - but you need to plan ahead and be cautious not to run out of moves. This game was developed in one day by two people in Unity, and I was responsible for all the art assets, visual ID and implementation. I wanted to give it an interesting abstract look with some elements that felt familiar - almost as if it was a disguised psychological test. It was originally a submission to the Game Maker's Toolkit game jam 2019. 

Platform: PC, browser
Genre: 2D Puzzle
Engine: Unity
My roles: Game Artist
Working with simple shapes that are clearly different among themselves was a big challenge. I created shapes that look like something but is still open to interpretation. Players saw very different things - some even thought the game was a disguised psycological test!
Meow Brawl

Meow Brawl is an arena multiplayer game game done for Game Maker's Toolkit jam 2019 in two days. I was inspired by some japanese food illustration and this was a good opportunity to include this in a game - with some cats of course! I was responsible for all the art assets including marketing and in-game assets such as character and pickup sprites, background and UI. I also worked on the technical implementation of all assets in Unity.

Platform: PC
Genre: Local multiplayer arena
Engine: Unity
My roles: Game Artist

The entire game was made with just these assets - two player sprites in idle and hit state, their shields, two balls,  one game icon and two UI containers that were sliced in the engine to be freely scaled.
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