Hair and Bones is a 2D platformer game prototype developed in Unity. In this project I developed UI art, character design and animations. We were aiming for a retro cartoon aesthetic in the game art. In two weeks I was able to conceptualize and deliver polished UI assets, simple animations cycles for two playable character and two enemies. 

Platform: PC
Genre: 2D Platformer
Engine: Unity
Development time: 1 week
My roles: Character designer, Character animator, UI artist
Game menu UI and Logo
Main Menu
Score screen
Player characters
Keyframe animations

UI assets
Character concept design exploration
Characters in 3/4
Enemies concept design exploration
Organization workflow. I use Miro as a development tool, where I organize my whole work starting from moodboards, references to thumbnails, concepts and UI. The whole team can access and keep track of production, comment and revisit early references if they run into any doubts. Organization is key!
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