A collection of work in one of my favorite artstyles: Pixel Art!
Super Impeachment Rampage: Apocalypse was a sequence of our first game about the political crisis in our country. One year and a few months later, we found ourselves in an even worse situation, and that's why we decided to made an apocalyptic sequel. This time with a kind-of-hell scenery, different characters and a tougher boss.

Super Impeachment Rampage was my first game ever - it's a freaky rampage about the political situation in Brazil, my home country. You play as president Dilma, and your goal is to escape from the Impeachment! You have to collect the pickups and jump over the barriers, while pressing B+N to run and SPACE to jump. This game is inspired by some old classics, like Altered Beast, Sonic, Mario and also some new ones like Hotline Miami. 
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