Mompas is an award winning mobile words game. In this project my responsibilities were developing all the game art including characters, stickers, UI assets and in-game assets. I took a lot of inspiration in modern cartoons to get a fun and laid back visual that feels good to look and play!

Platform: Mobile
Genre: Words game
Engine: Unreal
My roles: Game Artist, UI Artist

Since this game was all about words, I created a visual ID that mixed a lot of different typographies in a background that was used all over the game - sans serif, bold, thin, round, squared, funky, serious.  It was the perfect choice to picture the game's personality that mixes education with fun! I developed two characters, Planet and Cat to guide players throughout gameplay with personalities both children and adults could feel relatable to, inspired by modern cartoons such as Adventure Time and Steven Universe. I wanted the game to feel age agnostic and extremely fun!
Screens: Game hub/Main Menu, Equipped bonus, Match, Bonus and Social
Screens: Defeat, Victory, Tie, Store


Cat and Planet are the main characters of the game, guiding players through game menus and gameplay. The idea of using such random characters came from the randomness of the game itself, sorting our words and challenges that forces you to come up with random words. Cat is a lovable, adventurous character with a touch of insecurity while Planet has more of a cocky relaxed attitude. They help give the game a very friendly vibe!
Icons for 5 different phases and difficulty levels
Website icons sowing features: multiplayer, localization and cooperative mode
Business card assets: Play, learn and have fun!
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